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About OmniPhase Defense Systems



The OmniPhase Success Story - David vs Goliath

OmniPhase, a Small Business, was formed in 2002 by a group of former Hughes RF engineers and an Orange County, CA based entrepreneur. Within a short period it developed a prototype of what would become one of the best performing RF Phase Noise all-in-one test systems available in the market.

What we do

We focus on RF technology research, product development, manufacturing, assembly and program management in the field of advanced RF test systems, radar transmitters/receivers, broad band digitizers and related products for military, aerospace and general electronics applications.

  • Test Systems
    OmniPhase specializes in the field of high-end, fully integrated, specialty RF test systems for military applications and semi-commercial applications. These systems, available from L band to Ku band, for use with any transmitter or receiver, offer superior dynamic range, noise floor and sensitivity, and the highest level of truly interactive, user defined automation. OmniPhase test systems are based on an integrated, modular architecture, and make extensive use of COTS components, COTS-embedded proprietary firmware based technologies, and user defined software routines (these systems are sometimes referred to as "synthetic instruments"), providing for cost efficiencies, extremely flexible interface, multiple program use, optimum configuration management, and long system life.
  • Digitizer-Receiver products
    OmniPhase proprietary technologies are facilitating the development of a family of digitizer-receiver products that employ an ultra-wide bandwidth and extreme sampling speed digitizing architecture to push the current boundaries of ADC technology.

Our mission

We are striving to provide the highest quality, most advanced and effective solutions to our customers at competitive cost, while creating a quality and secure environment for our employees as we aggressively grow our business.